• David Chivers

    Consultant | Advisor | Executive | Board Member

    Accelerating Growth through Innovation

    David has built his career as a digitally native executive, consultant, advisor, board member, and coach -- helping brands, organizations, and people accelerate innovation and transformation to drive growth.


    As a global senior executive and consultant, David blends product and marketing discipline with a deep understanding of content, information, and data. He drives product innovation, increases customer adoption, deepens engagement, and achieves revenue and operating income goals by crafting strategy based on a keen analysis of market trends and emerging technologies.


    David provides strong vision for new consumer experiences, relentless customer focus, and resilient business discipline around execution. Skilled in assessing talent, he thrives on building teams and creating environments that delight customers, deliver business results, and nurture high employee personal satisfaction.


    Attuned to the dynamics of divers stakeholders, David has successfully gained alignment and support among boards, customers, partners, employees, financial community, and media. Globally minded data-driven and design-focused, he and his teams have profitably driven more than $3 billion in online revenues.


    As an accelerator coach, consultant, and advisor, David partners with Facebook to help local organizations across the globe tackle customer experience/engagement, digital transformation, alternative recurring revenue streams, and innovation projects. He works with businesses in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.


    David consults and advises a number of local and international media companies, technology firms, academic institutions, marketing services agencies, professional services firms, and consumer organizations. In addition to Facebook, he has worked for and with Google, USA TODAY, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Automattic, Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, McKinsey, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, IBM, IMF, CAA, AmGen, GE, Pfizer, GE, Twitter, Apple, Jostens, and many other consumer brands.


    A frequent speaker and writer, David has presented on the topics of the internet of things, mobile product development, recurring revenue business models, product rationalization, business transformation, the consumerization of enterprise IT, social media best practices, and building your digital innovation practice.


    David has been quoted, interviewed by, and written for major news organizations in print and video including NBC, CBS, CNN, Bloomberg TV, as well as a number of trade and academic journals.

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